Hi! I'm Sarah Grace. 

I'm a nurse with a passion for fitness. I've been lifting weights for a decade and have worked in the fitness industry as a group fitness instructor and personal trainer.


My relationship with exercise (and the gym) was, for a long time, toxic. Working out became a self-destructive habit in my life. For years, going to the gym was my escape from insecurity, confusion, depression and despair.


Eventually, my body became over-trained and exhausted from poorly structured workout routines. And in my heart, I was alone and lost.  


Fitness had become my whole identity. And in it, I rejected God's love for my body and soul.


By His Grace, I have begun my journey of healing. I am daily reclaiming my identity as God's beloved daughter.


I strength train because I love it, and because it is a way to glorify God with my body and soul.

the name

Saint Thérèse of Lisieux, the Little Flower, taught me about God's love.

I first read her autobiography, The Story of a Soul, when I felt too lost to pray. Saint Thérèse teaches me to love my littleness and my weakness and to keep turning my face towards my Father's love, like a little flower towards the sun.

God loves our littleness.

Wherever we are, He is reaching down to embrace us with love and mercy.

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