strong in him

strength guide

a complete guide to building balanced and effective strength training workouts to glorify God.

you are created to be healthy, holy and strong in Him.

what's inside?

This guide walks you through everything from creating your workout space, to cultivating a healthy exercise mindset, to building your own effective strength workouts. Whether you're completely new to strength training, or you're ready to ditch fitness culture and transform your workout experience - this guide will launch you on a journey of growing strong in Him.

Includes over 50 exercises with links to demonstration videos (with cueing!). It's individually adaptable to your fitness experience. 

also included:

- One month of strength workouts (8 total) with links to demonstration videos

- Unlimited online access to the strength guide

(Available in our Member's Area! After purchasing the strength guide, login to the members area using the same email used to purchase the guide. Within 24 hours, you will receive access to the members area where you'll find 8 strength workouts and online access to the guide).

Over 50 exercises with links to demonstration videos to hit the four major body movements. 

How to integrate strength, endurance and mobility training into your lifestyle.

Opportunities for spiritual growth and physical health with strength training.

Setting up your space, equipment recommendations and using this time to glorify God.

Getting the right amount of repetitions, enough rest, choosing a variety of exercises and how to incorporate warm ups and mobility. Based on the most current research recommendations.

is it for me?

This guide is for you if: 

You want to learn how to create a balanced and effective strength training routine. 

You're new to strength training or working out.

You have a cardio routine or use at-home workout videos, but you're not seeing improvements in strength or speed.

You go to the gym, or you don't go the gym. 

You want to transform exercise into a discipline of self-care that brings you into deeper communion with your creator.

You're ready to get strong in Him!

do i need a gym?

No - you don't need a gym.

A couple sets of dumbbells (that are heavy enough to challenge you) and some resistance bands are encouraged. Some body weight exercises are included in this guide - but weights and resistance bands are usually needed to challenge our muscles effectively!

ready to get strong in Him?

about the author

Hi! I'm Sarah Grace. 

I'm a Catholic girl who loves to lift weights.  

My relationship with exercise (and the gym) was toxic for a long time. Going to the gym was a self-destructive habit in my life. For years, it was my daily escape from insecurity, confusion, depression and despair. Eventually, my body became over-trained and exhausted from intense and poorly structured workouts.

Fitness had become my whole identity. I was spending all of my free time in the gym.  But in my heart, I was alone and lost.  I had rejected God's love for my body and soul.

By His Grace, I have begun a journey of healing. I am daily reclaiming my identity as God's beloved daughter.

I am learning how to integrate a healthy fitness routine into my life and to use exercise to glorify God with my body and soul. I strength train because I love it, and because I believe I am created to be healthy, holy and strong in Him.


Welcome on the journey!

Sarah Grace

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